Retirement Plan Administration

We help our physician and dentist clients in private practice determine whether a retirement plan is right for the practice, and, if so, which plan vehicle (401(k) plan, profit sharing plan, etc.) best suits the client’s needs. Our analysis considers both the administrative and financial aspects of each specific type of plan.

Once a decision is made to adopt an appropriate retirement plan, we are able to help with the adoption and maintenance of the plan by providing the following compliance services, both upon adopting the plan and on an annual basis:
  • complete the initial plan adoption agreement as well as the adoption agreement of any future plan restatement required by law
  • determine participant eligibility
  • complete necessary participant forms, including summary plan descriptions, salary deferral forms, investment application and direction forms, and beneficiary designation forms
  • make the appropriate contribution calculations in accordance with the rules of the plan
  • process, or otherwise facilitate, distributions to former employer plan participants
  • prepare related annual tax reporting forms for the plan, and its summary annual report (From 5500 and related schedules)